Our Company

We provide our clients with cost-effective roofing solutions. We are your eyes and ears for your roof(s)! When something needs attention, we take care of it!

We have designed our services to free our clients of the hassles of their roof and its components. We know that commercial and industrial roofs are often troublesome, so we take care of the things that require attention. By doing that you have peace of mind and a sound roof.

Quality Service

This is goal NUMBER ONE. Quality, quality, quality. We can’t stress it enough and we know it is as important to you as it is to us. Our personnel are trained to provide our clients with the best service possible! What is quality? To us, it means providing you with accurate, real-time information about your roof and sub-systems, promptly. It doesn’t matter if you require a full roof management program implemented or just a leak service call; we treat everyone the way we want to be treated!


While our services require a great amount of expertise, it doesn’t mean you must shell out a great deal of investment! Call us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable we are.

Professional Documentation

When you work with BC Roof Inspections, you will receive professionally prepared documents that include roof inspection and maintenance reports, spreadsheets, architectural drawings (CAD), detailed roof specifications and digital photographic documentation.


Our personnel have many years of experience in the roofing industry. If it involves your roof, we can inspect it for you. Call us today for professional Roof Management, Roof Consulting Services, Roof Maintenance work and more. Remember, if it’s your roof, BC Roof Inspections is the answer!